Monday, November 17, 2014

Company Site is Live!

When writing this, it took every ounce of control I was able to summon not to use the title "First Post!" For those expecting such, I apologize. For everyone else, you're welcome.

With that out of the way, it is my great pleasure to announce that the long-awaited (by us) BilloSystems site is now live! This was a great deal of fun for me and Victor, but most of that joy came from work was behind the scenes, not the finished product itself. Everything from working with open source software, logo design, iterating on best practices, creating a style guide, and even company philosophy discussions :-)

Serious hugs go out to everyone behind Bootstrap, too. I know some hard-core designers like to poo-poo the use of Bootstrap, but seriously -- using Bootstrap saved us lots of time and let us focus on the bits we really cared about. It left us time for all the fun alluded to in the previous paragraph :-)

It is now my solemn (and somewhat sad) duty to remove the placeholder Lorem Ipsum blog posts.

But on a cheerful, forward-looking note, there are many more blog posts to come! Looking at the drafts we've got in progress, I'm a bit stunned: everything from scientific computing with Julia, to building polyglot distributed systems underpinned with Erlang; posts on messaging in LFE and building ARM clusters. It's all super exciting!

Stay tuned!